About Us

The chief aim of this site is to provide a valuable resource for gearing up for your outdoor adventures as well as bringing you good information on hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, shooting or anything else related to your life in the outdoor world.

There is no place I would rather be than somewhere in the woods.   

As a kid, I loved going in the woods.  I would spend the summer going to a property about a mile from our house.  This place had cow pastures filled with blackberries I picked, rat snakes I would bring back to the house and dove and quail that my friends and I hunted.  These are wonderful memories imprinted on my teenage brain!

 My grandfather lived in a small house way out in the sticks with a pond in the back yard stocked with largemouth bass and blue gill bream that no one fished but me. It was a magical place for young kid.  I was about 10 years old when I caught my first large bass and I was hooked!

 My friends and I started deer hunting when I was 17 but we had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t have the internet or You Tube to help.  I went hunting maybe ten times and never saw a deer. As you can understand, I lost interest in deer hunting.

I left the outdoor life for about 20 years then eventually came back full circle to what I loved when I was young.  I think I am a better deer hunter now.  (I actually know where the kill zone is).  Now, it’s a great excuse to get me in the woods.   I love sitting in a tree on clear cool October morning as the sun rises casting its light between the green, brown, yellow and orange colors of the trees. It’s icing on the cake if I see a deer.  Even if not, there is nothing like being there.

If you are one of us you know it!!  So, hopefully if you left the outdoor life as I once did, you will come back again. Whether it’s hunting, fishing or camping/backpacking, I hope this site will help get you out there.