Review of the new Danner Pronghorn 800 GTX #41342

Whether you’re sitting in the hunting stand or logging miles on the go, the Danner Pronghorn 800 G Gore-Tex is a boot you should consider. As many of you know, the late fall hunting season is “falling” upon us. I recently purchased this boot for my late season hunts and I am very pleased with my selection. Although there is not one all-purpose boot, this would come close for me. This boot is comfortable, versatile, and has good traction. In this article, I will take you through the key features, what you get for your money, what others are saying, and the overall reputation of Danner . This review should give you enough information to decide if this is the boot for you.

If you have a single question in mind, you can probably find it in the table of contents below. Keep on reading to see why this is the boot I’ll be using this fall.


Featuring a Mossy Oak® and Break-Up Country® pattern, the color is great to keep your feet blended in with the terrain. This full grain leather and nylon upper boot is the newest offering from the long-running Pronghorn line. The boots are made to give great support and comfort for long hunts. The shoe is described as “incredibly tough, light, and stable” and gives your feet and legs “lightweight strength and support”. The lining keeps feet dry and comfortable while the insulation blocks out the cold temperatures. The internal/external shank system is ideal for arch support.

The last mold used for this boot offers a heel shape that “locks the heel in place for

better fit and comfort on the back end of the boot”. The 851 last was used for this product, which is an update from their popular 850 last. If you need a high mile performing boot, Danner says this is the one for you.*For those not familiar with the term “last”: A shoe last is a 3D mold which is used for the shoe construction. A last affects the overall fit of the shoe.

Out of the box- what you get:

Price: $250

These brown boots clock in at an 8 inches tall and weigh about 3.5 lbs. They have Vibram® SPE midsoles to help with shock absorption and support. The outsoles are Vibram® Pronghorn®, which will definitely help you find footing in rough terrain. I have had boots with Vibram soles for 20 years and I am confident this will be a long lasting sole. 

The boot is 100 % waterproof/breathable thanks to GORE-TEX linings. 800 G Primaloft® gold offers the best in class insulation. I can’t speak for others, but RIGHT when I put on this boot I knew I would not have to “break it in”.My only complaint is it is a little tight around the top. There is plenty of toe room for my semi-wide feet. I did go up a half size more than what I normally wear.

What others are saying:

As I said in my previous hunting boot post, this is the NEW model of the Pronghorn 800…so reviews are very limited. There are older versions of this product but I’m reviewing style number 41342. From the recent reviews I did find:

Reviewers (myself included) were all impressed by the initial COMFORT and quality. Another recent reviewer said that he used them for his mountain sheep hunt in Northwest Territories and “hiked 8-12 hours a day” and “walked through rivers” and his feet were totally dry.

Danner company:

 One reviewer simply said “ If you want the best, buy Danner. They hold up and never fail.” Founded in 1932, this company has a reputation known for its quality. To ensure the boots are up to standard on the most durable leather, Danner puts their leather through six different tests before making a selection. They are made in Vietnam, which is probably the only thing that bothers me. But, they ARE built with substantial materials. 

Danner has a 365-day warranty. The site says, “If you suspect your purchase isn’t up to our unrelenting standards or is defective in any way, we want to make things right. As long as you contact us within a year from purchase, we’d be happy to replace your boots.” They also provide free return shipping on all orders placed within the US. With almost a century of experience under their belt, Danner is a trusted brand.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a boot that is waterproof, comfortable and long-lasting from a company that’s reputable,  then this is the boot for you. I purchased these from Bass Pro. If you are unsure about the fit you can always go try a pair in-store first before you commit.  Whether walking, hiking, or sitting in the stand in cold temperatures, this is a great boot for the price – especially if you can get it on sale. If you’re going to be hunting in the swamp go for the muck boots. If all you’re going to be doing is hunting bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains, go for the Kenetrek (if you have the $450 to boot ☺)

 I know that you don’t want your feet to be freezing when the sun goes down. If the 800 gram boot is not enough, then you can always do the old toe warmer standby that you put on the bottom of your sock when in the stand. If you are someone who really values bang for your buck, I don’t think you will be disappointed. This boot is $200 ($50 off the normal price) right now at Bass Pro ☺. While this sale price was initially one of the reasons I got it, I am very happy with my purchase choice and I think you will be as well. Be sure to check out my video review of before and after I have worn this boot.

There are only a few sites that sell this NEW make and it’s easy to get mixed up with older styles if you just type Danner Pronghorn 800 GTX  into google- here are some direct links to the correct product

Here is a after the hunting season update 1/20. – It’s in the video posted above. I was hoping that my feet would not get cold in the below-freezing zone but they did. My feet get cold really easy so if you have a problem with that you may want to go with a little more insulation.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith

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