Is the North Face Dolomite 20 the versatile bag you need?

Are you a lover of car site camping looking for a classic, yet updated, bag? Are you preparing for your first overnight camping trip? Whatever path you take, you’ll need a comfortable sleeping bag to assure you don’t hit a bump in the road (see what I did there?). Although The North Face Dolomite 20 is a solid contender for top 2019 bags, it does not fit the needs of everyone.

In my search for the best sleeping bags of 2019, I spent hours looking at different sleeping bags and their reviews on multiple sites. So, I decided the best way to give readers the details they need was to give you a longer, more detailed product review of the North Face Dolomite 20. In this article, you will be provided with the facts you need to determine if this sleeping bag is right for you, or if you’re better off going with another choice. I will take you through the key features, what other users love, price-points and variations of this bag, and key questions asked about this product. Take a look at the table of contents below if you have a specific question, or read the entire article for the full review on this bag!

1. Customer reviews

Customers say this bag is great for individuals who are new to camping. Several of the reviews I read were youngsters going on their first trip, campers with wives who had aversions to the cold, etc. If you are hoping to introduce a loved one to camping, this is the bag for you. I read many reviews that highlight this bags multi-purpose use. In warmer temperatures your sleeping bag can double as a comforter. If you are camping in mild temperatures and worry about getting hot, you will want this bag. You can adjust the size of the opening (hello broad shouldered people!) with the drawstring. You can pull the bag up over your shoulders/head on cold nights and make the opening size fit your needs. Customers of multiple weights and heights say this bag offers plenty of room.

2. Features

Featuring a wraparound foot box zipper, the bag can lay completely flat when fully unzipped. This bag is cut generously and allows you room to move around. After many years of camping trips, I can say with confidence that no one wants to feel claustrophobic and constricted in the outdoors. Sleepers who move around at night will love this type versus a mummy bag. This is a machine washable bag that stays dry easily even when it comes into contact with water. There is nothing worse than a bag that turns soggy due to wet weather… but the reviews gave no complaints in the soggy bag department at all.

3. What you get

The sleeping bag uses eco-synthetic insulation. Filled with 30 % previous consumer recycled material, this is an environment friendly bag. If you purchase the regular version, you get a 6 foot long bag that weighs in at 4 pounds and 14oz. The long version is 6 ft 6 inches and weighs 5 pounds and 6 oz. As someone on the taller side, I always love the long option. The bag has a drawstring hood and a small pocket on the inside for your phone. You also get a stuff sack. The regular version costs $99.95 and the long version is $109.95. This bag has a 20 ºF temperature rating.

*Note: This sleeping bag comes in BOTH and eco-synthetic and down filled version. The product I am reviewing is the eco-synthetic bag. When looking up reviews, I found on Amazon that someone had ordered the down version and received the synthetic version. I would not recommend purchasing this product on Amazon. Instead, go through either The North Face site, REI, or Moosejaw.

4. The North Face Company

Everyone knows The North Face Company is an excellent brand. The North Face has industry standard quality gear and is a company you can trust. Endorsed by world class adventurers and mountain climbers, there is no question that The North Face is one of the top outdoor gear companies. Imagine it is your first night at a campsite and you’re using a new bag. You do not need to worry about your rest, comfort, or warmth at all. You have a sleeping bag that is from a reputable brand (The North Face) AND you have a lifetime time quality guarantee.

There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a product that does not work due to a manufacturing error. When I purchase a new product for my outdoor endeavors, I hope and expect to use it for years to come (and I’m sure you do as well). Since The Dolomite 20 comes with a life-time quality guarantee against manufacturing defects as well as free returns, you can rest easy.

5. Multi-Season Bag

The Dolomite 20 is a solid choice for a multi-season bag. You could use this bag in spring, summer, fall and mild winters. If you’re camping and temperatures unexpectedly rise, you can switch the use of this bag to a comforter in seconds. You can absolutely relax knowing that you will get your money’s worth out of this product. However, this is not the bag for someone camping below 20 ºF. After reading so many reviews, the sweet spot temperature I would recommend for users is 30 ºF and up. Though you may be able to “survive” in 20 degree weather, I think the ideal temperature is a little higher.

6. Hiking

You can also use this bag for hiking. This sleeping bag is not only used for car site camping…although a little bulky, the bag is made smaller when it is compressed down to fit in a 30 liter stuff sack for hiking. Therefore, if you really have a limited budget and want a bag that can also be used for hiking, consider purchasing a companion stuff sack and get camping AND hiking use with your sleeping bag.

7. The bottom line

If you are looking for a bag that’s comfortable, roomy, good for moderate temperatures, a classic non-mummy style, and a bag that is great for car site camping, then this is the bag for you. At a price point of only $99.95, you cannot find a better bang for your buck. You’ll have a versatile bag that is warm and reliable… from a reliable company. With the lifetime guarantee and free returns, what do you have to lose?

If you are looking for a bag that’s a little more lightweight and good for hiking, you might want something such as the North Face Men’s Furnace sleeping bag. I hope this review helps you in your sleeping bag search!

Rick Smith

Rick Smith

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