Top Five Best Sleeping Bags for the Money for Camping and Back Packing in 2021

With the temperature rising here in Nashville, I’ve been taking some time to plan for the cold and do some research for my upcoming winter hunting trip. How do you go about narrowing down the best sleeping bag? With extensive options on the market and many conflicting reviews, I was lead down a rabbit hole searching for a soft place to rest my head. Weight, durability, comfort and fit were my top priorities when it came to finding a bag at the best price point. Check out my top five picks for the best outdoor sleeping bag, and hopefully you will find a great fit as well.

#5 The North Face Men’s Furnace 20/-7 Sleeping Bag – Best multi-season hiking bag

Weight- 2lbs and 12 oz

Price: $178-$188

This water resistant, down filled sleeping bag is designed for warmth down to 20 ºF. The mummy style bag comes in three sizes: regular, long and extra-long. You can choose the right handed or left handed option as well to further customize your bag. The standard size weighs in at 2lbs and 12 oz making it a nice lightweight option (and only an added 2 oz for the long option). The bag is treated to keep outside moisture and humidity from getting in, as well as a synthetic insulation along the bottom to eliminate cold spots.

This sleeping bag has a less tapered cut than some, which allows me extra room. I like that this could be less constricting, as I sometimes move in my sleep. You can also use the added feature of the hood for extra warmth. This bag seems like a solid choice for a versatile, three season bag.

Pros: Comfortable, spacious, warm, adjustable hood, affordable, moisture resistant, definitely good in 20 ºF and up weather

Cons: Isn’t approved for temps below 20 ºF, some reviews complain about the zipper catching on the bag, it doesn’t come with a true compact sack

Who should use it?

I would totally recommend this for someone new to backpacking as any product with the North Face label is a smart choice. This would definitely be a solid three season (or four season in some states such as California) hiking bag that’s good for transitional seasons as well as cold weather.

#4 Outdoor Vitals Summit 0ºF Down Filled Sleeping Bag– Best value for the money

Weight: 3lbs

Price: $240

This is one of the best choices if you’re looking for bang for your buck! The regular size weighs 3lbs with the compression bag included. This sleeping bag allows for cold weather temperatures, down to 12 ºF. Clocking in at $240 for an 800 fill down bag, this is a good price and is one of the best values on the market for a zero degree sleeping bag.

This bag features a wide foot box and a functional zipper. There are short, regular and long options (they go up in price slightly for longer lengths). The external shell is made of ripstop nylon and the inside features a small pocket to hold a phone or flashlight. The two loops on the bottom are a feature which allow me to hang the sleeping bag up, and then roll it and pack it when I’m ready to go.

*Note- A newer make is now available, but you can still purchase this sleeping bag on Amazon with the link above

Pros: Great value at a good price point, lifetime warranty, keeps you warm as low as 10 ºF, I like the little pocket on the inside, this bag also includes an inflatable pillow

Cons: Conflicting info on zipper, it isn’t water proof, the drawstrings for the draft hood aren’t flexible and they can get stuck and snagged

Who should use it? This would be good for someone in extremely cold conditions. If you’re wanting a multi-season bag, this may not be the pick for you.

#3 Coleman 0º F North rim Mummy bag– Best for beginners

Weight: 8lbs

Price: $40

This polyester filled 8lb sleeping bag is good for temperatures from 0-10 ºF. Given the weight, this would be best for car site camping. The mummy style bag has a drawstring hood and ripstop material. Clocking in around $40, the price-point  is VERY affordable for beginner campers. Although it claims to be a zero degree weather sleeping bag, the reviews I read lead me to believe you would be better off using this bag in the 20 and 30 degree range.

Pros: Low price point, good for low (ish) temperatures, you can wrap your pillow in the hood

Cons: Heavy, may not last long given the low price point, not back packing friendly

Who should use it? This would be ideal for someone on a budget who is car site camping in the fall/winter in moderately low temperatures. I don’t really love how heavy it is, especially if I’m going to be carrying it far from my car.

#2 Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 ºF Ultralight 800 FP Goose Down Sleeping bag– Amazon’s choice

Weight: 3lbs and 3 oz

Price: $200

This bag is yet another affordable 800 fill bag featuring hydrophobic goose down. This may be the best pick if you’re looking for a low temperature bag with low weight. You can choose between a size short, regular and long and there are multiple color choices. The regular length is $200 and it’s only about $10 more to purchase a long. The goose down makes it a water resistant bag and it packs down to a small size weighing in at 3.2lbs. This bag is Amazon’s choice and it has a money back guarantee. By registering your product, you are covered under a warranty for any manufacturing product defects. This company aims to please all customers: if you are unhappy, they will make it right.

Pros: Warm, snag proof zipper

Cons: Complaints about the down feather smell

Who should use it: This is a quality construction bag that features good compression for body heat without being constricting. This could serve as a camper sleeping bag but could also fit in a backpack if needed. The bag is good for someone camping in cold temperatures and can serve as a multi-use option.

#1 The North Face Dolomite 20– My choice

Weight: 4lbs and 14oz

Price: $109

This $109 bag comes up as one of the top contenders on several review sites. It offers a rectangular cut with lots of room to move around in the night. This bag was designed with camping in mind, not backpacking. The zipper is full length and can be unzipped to ventilate my feet, or the bag can be totally unzipped to be used as a comforter. The bag is available in a regular fit as well as long and fits a person as tall as 6 feet 6 inches. For $170, you can purchase a double version of the sleeping bag. A stuff sack IS included. The bag has synthetic insulation and weighs in at 4lbs and 14oz. The bag is perfect for fall and winter temperatures above 20 degrees.

Pros: Spacious, warm, versatile zipper, can double as a comforter with zippers that allow it to lay flat, North Face is a trusted brand for quality

Cons: No hood, bulky when packed up, not great for extremely cold temperatures

Who should use it? Perfect for car site camping or any situation where you won’t be carrying your bag far. This bag is great for multiple seasons, since it can be opened and used as a comforter when it’s too hot.

Factors to take into account when selecting a sleeping bag (which you already probably know if you’ve made it this far ):

  • Weight. You need a balance between the weight and cost and you need to take into account whether you will be backpacking vs. car site camping
  • Location and season. Are you going to be up high in the mountains exclusively? If so, you don’t need an all season bag because it won’t keep you warm enough at night.
  • Down insulation. Down packs smaller and weighs less, but it cannot get wet. Even treated down will not provide much insulation when totally soaked through. If you find that you have a down allergy you need to go with the synthetic option.
  • Synthetic insulation. This will be a heavier, but less expensive option. You can get this bag wet and it will still keep you warm.
  • Down Fill Power. This is a measurement of how well the down will loft and trap your body heat inside. The higher the number the better the down will compress. The higher number also means the bag will be lighter, but higher in price.
  • Shape. Mummy, semi-rectangular or rectangle. The mummy shape is the most heat efficient, but is no good if you are a side sleeper.

For car site camping I chose The North Face Dolomite 20 because of the double option, since I will be sharing it with my wife. For my cold weather hunting trip up North I will probably choose the Hyke & Byke option (my wife doesn’t like to hunt). I hope this list helps you keep you warm at night!

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